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DeltaScan.org is specifically established as a one-stop shop for accurate electronic cigarette reviews as well as a hub for electronic cigarette discount coupons.

But before that, let us introduce you to our core product:

Electronic cigarettes are a relatively new product in the market but its performance has been so staggering that it has started to change the entire landscape of the smoking industry.

What sort of change?

Electronic cigarettes are a safer solution than tobacco cigarettes for those seeking a nicotine fix. This device actually lessens health issues related to smoking since it does not contain any of the toxic substances that conventional cigarettes have.

It also is friendlier to the environment as it will not affect people around you who can be exposed to second-hand smoke when traditional cigarettes are used. It also can be used to curb an addiction to smoking because most e-cigarette brands offer ZERO nicotine options in their cartridge packs. Therefore, smokers can gradually cut down the nicotine levels in their body, slowing moving away from the addiction.

Why create the site?

First and foremost, we aim to help smokers find ways to cut down on their smoking addiction. However, even if we provide them with the necessary information, it won’t help them in the long run. That is where the premise of value-adding comes into the picture. We want to take this to the next level by providing our faithful viewers with up-to-date electronic cigarette coupon codes in order for them to avail of discounts whenever they need an e-cigarette.

What sort of help or solution can you give us?

Why pay retail prices when we can help you directly by steering you straight into the arms of the manufacturers themselves? Trust us, you’ll be better off purchasing directly from an e-cigarette manufacturer as you’ll get the following:

  • Their customer service can provide you with the correct answers in regards to queries about their product.
  • You’ll be purchasing from their official store and not through a third party website or retailer. You’ll save more cash as there are no middle men involved.
  • You’ll be getting your warranty directly from them.
  • You will not expose your details online to third party retailers upon purchase. This makes it an extremely discreet service.

We will provide you with in-depth reviews of different electronic cigarette brands and their accessories, up-coming sales and products. Consistency will be the main focus of our endeavors and with your help, we are sure to succeed.

For more information or suggestions regarding our website, feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from our visitors in order to stay consistent and true to our purpose which is to provide the most accurate information about electronic cigarette brands, reviews and up-to-date discount coupons.

Please take note that we adhere to a policy of respect in this site. Should you wish to post derogatory comments or anything of that sort, please think before you act.

Thank you!

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