Are Electronic Cigarettes Really Safe?

Letting go of the smoking habit is the most challenging task for any smoker. Fortunately, there are now many nicotine replacement products available in the market and they all come in different forms. Aside from counseling and prescription medications, e-cigarettes are one of the newest alternatives to traditional cigarettes having been available for less than 10 years. However, not everyone is aware of the benefits of e-cigarettes and how this product can help in the quitting smoking process.

Electronic cigarette are safe

Different varieties

E-cigarettes come in different shapes and forms. There are some that look like real cigarettes, cigars and pipes while there are also some brands which are disguised as items that are socially acceptable.

Whatever their shape is, they all have a heating element that is battery operated, a replaceable cartridge for nicotine and other substances, plus an atomizer that works by converting the chemical into a vapor that is inhalable.

There are already many studies conducted relating to the effectiveness of an e-cigarette in helping smokers quit the harmful habit. However, not everyone believes that it is the best alternative to smoking. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) even believes that it can lead to more people getting addicted to cigarettes.

Possible E-cig health risks

There are several reasons why the FDA thinks that the e-cig is not safe for consumers.E-cigarettes can trigger the nicotine addiction in some people instead of helping people quit smoking. This could lead them to towards increased cigarette usage.The cartridge used in an E-cig may contain ingredients that are toxic and harmful to a smoker’s health.

Even though E-cigs have been available for years, there are still no studies conducted that completely prove their safety and efficacy. Since this product is unregulated, authorities have no knowledge regarding the purity of the substances being inhaled by the users. This makes it a big health and safety issue.Since the cartridges used in E-cigs have a varying level of nicotine content, users have no idea of the dosage they are consuming.

Electronic cigarette makes life cool

However, the possible health risks spoken of by the FDA have yet to stop smokers from using e-cigarettes as an alternative to their harmful addiction. Like all other nicotine replacements, there may be possible side effects that users and experts do not know about.

However, if the use of the e-cig proves to be effective in helping people quit, policies should be developed after objectively exploring the promise of e-smoking. If they turn out to be more beneficial than harmful, the market should find ways of promoting its use to the public.

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