Electronic Cigarette Can Offer More Options

Users of traditional tobacco products are being left out in the cold because so many public places are placing bans on smoking. Many of the bans being created refer to burning cigarettes, smoking cigarettes or anything emitting smoke. This means people can use electronic cigarettes in several places they may have not been able to use regular cigarettes before.

It should be noted that the FDA are in the midst of an anti-electronic cigarettes campaign with cities across the US,

Electronic cigarettes in cars

Electronic cigarette in the car

One of the negatives about using traditional cigarettes in your car is that the entire vehicle would smell like an ashtray for a long time and this smell would sometimes seem to remain permanently. Electronic cigarettes eliminate this pungent odor.


Electronic cigarettes can be used in bed

There are a lot of avid tobacco cigarette users who need to have a smoke before they go to bed. Unfortunately, smoking in bed creates a potential fire hazard. Electronic cigarettes eliminate any fire hazards and people will no longer have to worry about ashes potentially staining their bed sheets.

Electronic cigarettes can be used in bars

There are some places that will not allow you to use any type of product that emits smoke even if it is completely safe. But many bars will allow them as long as they know what you are using. It may be a good idea to check with them first just to make sure and avoid a misunderstanding.

E cigarettes

The reality is that people who have serious addictions to regular tobacco products need nicotine fix in order to function at times. The various limitations being placed on where they can smoke is becoming an increasing problem.

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