EverSmoke Review

I have had a chance to review EverSmoke electronic cigarettes and was really impressed. Many companies who sell electric cigarettes do not carry cartridges with nicotine potency above 12mg. With EverSmoke, you can get as little 0mg and as much as 18mg. If you are a heavy smoker like I was and are looking for a better method of obtaining your nicotine, e cigs can do just that for you. If you are accustomed to smoking 1-2 packs a day, you should go with the 18mg strength because it matches up really well to full strength cigarettes. The 12mg compares pretty well to “light” strength, and 6mg is a lot like ultra-lights. Whether you dig the style of the lit e cig or you want to savor the pleasure of smoking electronically, you’ve got options!

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EverSmoke Review
eversmokeAnother big concern I have with electronic cigarettes is flavor. Ask anyone who’s ever tried them, especially someone who has smoked a variety of different brands’ products and you will hear that the flavors can be way off. In fact, the flavors offered by a number of companies are downright awful! Thankfully, EverSmoke tackled this problem before they ever released their products and with their awesome, exclusive Flavor Max cartridges, I found the flavors to be sensational. I’ve tried all of them and each genuinely tastes like the flavor it represents. I would recommend them to anyone who is skeptical about what their e cig is going to taste like for that very reason. There is no chemical style aftertaste and all are six are delicious. In fact, the flavor may be EverSmoke greatest accomplishment!

With other e-cigarette companies, customers consistently complain about the inability to create a good menthol flavor. Some go overboard and make it virulently minty while others skimp and add only a trace of menthol. EverSmoke Flavor Max cartridges in “Menthol” and “Peppermint” handle this challenge perfectly. Their menthol flavor is well balanced and actually tastes like menthol. Peppermint has a strong, minty essence and if you try both of them you will see that the difference is obvious. The EverSmoke Premium Starter Kit comes with two batteries and represents great value. It includes:

1 Standard Battery (Color, Automatic, or Manual)
1 High-Capacity Battery (Color, Automatic, or Manual)
1 USB Charger
1 Portable Wall Charger
5 Nicotine Cartridges(Eq. to 15 cigarette packs,flavor & strength)
An Owner’s Manual

All in all, I can say I am really happy with my purchase as well as my whole experience with EverSmoke electronic cigarettes. Compared to others that I have tried, they are definitely among the very best. All the little perks add up and on top of a great product, I am thrilled to have an alternative to tobacco!

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