Fake Cigarettes

A single puff of smoke from a traditional tobacco cigarette deposits literally thousands of harmful chemicals into a smoker’s lungs. Furthermore, the act of smoking is not only harmful to the smoker but to the environment and those around him. A lot of smokers have tried quitting the habit for a number of health reasons but inevitably go back to smoking because of the nicotine addiction that makes smoking irresistible to so many.

A number of products have been introduced to the market in order to alleviate the infamous withdrawal symptoms for people who are trying to quit. Examples of such products are nicotine patches and gum. Although these can be helpful for a relatively small percentage of smokers, neither product has been the overwhelming success that was originally hoped.

Another popular solution are e-cigarettes. This is an invention designed to have the appearance of a traditional tobacco cigarette and is also supposed to mimic the smoking action but with greater options such as more flavors and nicotine strengths.

Components of Fake Cigarettes

How do fake cigarettes work? A typical fake cigarette is composed of 2 parts: The cartridge and the battery. The cartridge serves as the vehicle for the nicotine and is filled with a liquid that forms a vapor which delivers the nicotine to the smoker’s lungs. The battery contains the heating element which converts the liquid into a nicotine-laced vapor via the pulling motion similar to drawing on a cigarette. At the end of the battery, an LED bulb glows to alert the user regarding a drained battery as well as mimicking the ember in traditional cigarettes.

Advantages of Smoking Fake Cigarettes

Smoking a fake cigarette offers a lot of advantages over tobacco cigarettes. 

Of course, nicotine is a stimulant and improper usage can still adversely affect your health. Therefore, people with heart conditions should refrain from taking any form of nicotine. However, even this need is catered for by some fake cigarette brands that offer non-nicotine cartridges designed to mimic the experience of smoking.

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