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NutriCigs Fortified Electronic Cigarettes recently launched, and have been a hit right from the start. I had to try them ASAP, and was really impressed with my results. It’s a cool idea: great e-cigarette, plus extra benefits, in a one-piece disposable body. I never even knew this kind of thing was possible, but when I read up on the technology, it makes perfect sense!

NutriCigs makes three varieties of their fortified e-cigs: Slim, Energy Boost, and Sleep Aid. They are sold in packs of 4, for $47.99; 8, for 87.99; and 12, for $119.88, and each pack is equal to about 2 packs of traditional cigarettes. Each type comes in three flavors, depending on the type, and they all include the always-popular tobacco and menthol flavors. They all come measured at 1.8% nicotine by volume, so the nicotine is powerful and very much present, in addition to the ingredients they are fortified with.

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So those are the specifics, just to give a little more info about them. Here are my takes on each NutriCigs blend. I was happy and very much impressed with each kind. They work exceptionally, considering not every brand makes decent disposables. Great execution on a really great idea. I don’t feel any different than if I was smoking standard e-cigs. Love the disposable model, very simple and convenient, plus the added benefits make them very worth your while.

NutriCigs Slim

This is the appetite suppression blend, to help deal with controlling your weight by limiting the need to overeat, and generally suppressing the appetite. After using these a few times, I can honestly say 1) they really helped me not crave fatty snacks all the time, and 2) they are great to have before a meal to keep myself from going too far. Sometimes I have the urge to eat way more than I should, and I am always battling the bloat. I’m not overweight, but could use some help from time to time! Amazing for helping with the self-control!

 NutriCigs Sleep

The sleep aid. Oh man were these the perfect things for me. I can never get to sleep when I should and I really pay for it the next day. I have tried many things to deal with it, and really don’t like going after prescriptions and anything that isn’t natural. I’m pretty used to using supplements, but they are not always effective. NutriCigs sleep, on the other hand, is. I think it’s because the vapor really allows the body to use and absorb the ingredients, better than having to wait for them to get into the system by digestion. I know that when I vape with these, in less th

an 15 minutes I am good and ready for bed. I sleep soundly, and wake up ready to go in the morning. Not terribly drowsy, not like I slept too deeply or too much, it just feels right. For sleep issues, this blend is perfect.

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NutriCigs Energy

I very much need more energy, and these did the trick. I love that I didn’t have to do anything out of the ordinary, or consume some kind of caffeinated drink that tastes awful, and makes me feel awful. I like that a little bit of vaping gives a small energy boost, while continuous vaping, like once an hour gives a really good boost. The energy lasts hours, and isn’t overkill. I think I will get the most use out of these, between all the NutriCigs varieties.

Overall, these are just what the e-cigarette market has been lacking, and really offer users a great addition to the standard experience of vaping. Great selection, price point, and they are very user-friendly.

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