Premium Electronic Cigarette Reviews

The Premium Electronic Cigarette brand has possibly the largest selection of e-cigarette products ever. We say this because of its wide selection of products consisting of 18 cartridge flavors, custom battery colors and designs. To top it off, it also has a disposable e-cigarette sampler, an electronic cigar and an electronic pipe to boot!

Premium Electronic Cigarette

Premium Electronic Cigarette

Premium Electronic Cigarette

Premium has a niche of its own in the luxury e-cigarette category and the company has created sleek and sexy designs to conjure up an elite breed of e-cigarettes. The Premium brand has been in the industry since 2008 and is focused on attaining repeat orders through the building of a rapport with its customers thanks to its highly effective customer service team.

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Premium electronic cigarettes are flexible and ideal for a wide range of users be they casual, light or heavy smokers. Coupon codes are also available online and customers are encouraged to avail of these offers. The Premium electronic coupon can be used on online stores carrying the Premium electronic cigarette range. All you have to do is apply the code during the transaction in order for the store to encode the discount on the purchase order.

Premium electronic cigarette batteries are available for light and heavy smokers and there are 2 different types available. The PR110 is for light smokers whilst the PR111 is specifically designed for heavy smokers. Note that Premium aren’t content with having the largest selection of battery designs and colors, continuing research and development is ongoing and they offer customization options for their customers. All you have to do is get in contact with the company. You never know, an e-cigarette might be named after you should Premium find your customization specs interesting!

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For e-cigarette connoisseurs interested in a whole new experience, Premium also offers electronic cigars and electronic pipes which have placed the brand Premium on the map. Some Premium Electronic Cigarette reviews mention that if you are still undecided on which electronic cigarette to try out, it won’t hurt to try a Premium disposable e-cigarette for only $12.99 or even a disposable electronic cigar for only $24.99. Give it a go and experience Premium luxury goodness!

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Premium Electronic Cigarette Start Kits

Premium e cigarette offers an array of kits; there are 11 starter kits available that one can choose from. For better understanding of the kits, it is important to categorize them in some way; here we are categorizing the kits in terms of price and vaping needs.

Low-end kits

Premium e cigarette offers a range of kits under the price of $30; these starter kits can safely be put in this category. The kits that come under this category have everything that you will need to vape but do not have extra accessories to enhance the vaping experience. However, you will not have anything to complain about customization options because these kits are customizable largely. Following is a brief about the kits:

Pocket Kit

  1. Pocket Kit: This kit contains one battery (classic or queen), one carrying case, one pack of cartridges and one USB charger. The battery color can be selected from 14 different colors available, the carry case is available in 21 different colors and there are 21 different e cig cartridge flavors to choose from. The kit comes for a price of $19.95 and is one of the lowest priced e cigarette starter kits on the market.
  2. Premium Slim Kit: The price of this kit is $24.95. It contains one slim battery, one premium clearomizer, one user manual along with a USB charger. This kit does not have a lot to offer in terms of customization or product range and hence this is not one of my personal favorites but it earns extra points for its sleek look and good performance.
  3. Premium Vape EGO Lux Kit: The price of this kit is same as the premium slim kit i.e. $24.95 but it has a lot more to offer to the buyers. The vape EGO Lux kit contains one EGO battery with a capacity of 650mah, which is huge for a regular e cigarette, one clearomizer, and one USB charger with LED indicator to show the level of charging. The EGO battery is manual and is available in six different colors. You can also upgrade your vape EGO Lux kit to get an extra clearomizer by paying an extra $4. E liquid bottle does not come with this kit, so make sure that you buy e liquid separately.
  4. Premium Express Kit: The premium express kit is more or less like most of the other express kit on the market. The express kits contain the essential plus a disposable e cigarette that put across the basics of e cigarette and its functioning clearly to users. The express kit by premium contains one e cigarette, a pack of e cig cartridges, one AC adaptor, one USB charger and one disposable e cigarette. much like all of the other kits, there are customization options available with the premium express kit in terms of battery color, e cig cartridge flavor and nicotine strength.

Mid-Range Kits

There are four kits in the range of $30-$60. These kits offer a little extra then the low-end kits but at the same time, some of them are not too impressive considering the price for which they come. Following is a brief on the mid range kits:

  1. The Pack: The pack is the quintessential portable charging pack, which is more of an accessory; the kit is called the Pack because it has all that you can keep in the pack plus the pack itself. This kit contains one classic e cig battery, 2 e cig cartridges of 16 mg nicotine strength in tobacco or menthol flavor, one Mini USB cable and a user manual along with the pack that can charge one e cig battery and simultaneously store 2 e cig cartridges and one fully assembled e cigarette. The Pack will cost you $30 where a major portion of the money you spend is only for the pack.
  1. Express E Liquid Kit: The express e liquid kit is perfect for people who do not prefer to buy pre-filled cartridges and instead like to fill in the cartridge on their own. The kit contains one pack of 808 clearomizer, one bottle of e liquid along with one classic battery, which is upgradable to queen or king size battery, a USB charger and a Wall adaptor. The color of the clearomizer can be chosen from a list of seven available options. There e liquid is available in six flavors. Along with all this, you also get a disposable e cigarette, which is available in seven flavors. The kit will cost you $39.95 and it is definitely worth your money.
  2. I Fit: I Fit is more of a vape pen and less of a starter kit per say. The I Fit, which cost $40, comes in five colors; the mouth of the I Fit can be unscrewed to fill in the e liquid. It is very light and slender, convenient to hold or carry; beast of a battery powers the I Fit. The battery is a 1300 mAh battery, which makes this one of the most powerful e cigarette.
  3. premium me starter kit

    Premium “ME” Starter Kit

    ME Vaporizer: Time to draw the attention of the women as this one is tailor made for them. The ME Vaporizer is stylish, modish and comes in colors that are sure to add a shine to your vaping experience. The colors available in the ME vaporizer are Red, Black, Violet and pink. In addition, it is not just about the style, the ME Vaporizer scores high on the technical end as well. The ME vaporizer has LED indicator for indicating the battery and voltage value. The voltage can be varied from lowest (3.5v) to highest (4.1v) with the help of a button; the battery can be put into function with the help of a start button. The capacity of the battery is 900 mAh and you will get one clearomizer (2 ml), one USB charger, one extra coil and a wall adaptor with this. The vaporizer cost $59, not a heavy price to pay for a good vaporizer, I would suggest.

High-End kits

There are three kits available in the price range of $80 to $120, these kits are high-end kits which are perfect for seasoned vapers or vaping enthusiasts but not for new vapers. Following are the kits that expensive and fully loaded:

  1. premium starter kit

    Premium Starter Kit

    Premium Starter Kit: The premium starter kit by premium e cigarette comes for a price of $89.95. This kit contains one starter pack; the starter pack as mentioned earlier contains one battery, two e cig cartridges and one USB charger along with the pack. Other than the starter pack, the premium starter kit has one battery, one pack of cartridges, one AC adapter, one USB charger and one disposable e cigarette. the starter pack comes with two cartridges, the flavor for which can be chosen from the two available option(menthol/tobacco), the e cig cartridges are available in 21 different e liquid flavors, the battery is available in 10 different colors and the nicotine strength can be varied from 0 mg to 24 mg. For the disposable e cigarette, you can chose between seven different e liquid flavors. This kit is fully loaded which makes it a great kit for vaping enthusiasts.

  2. Deluxe EGO Lux Kit: The deluxe kit comes for a price of $89.95 and the contents of the kit do justify the price. The kit contains two EGO Lux batteries, two clearomizer, two USB charger and two e liquid bottles. The color of the two batteries and the flavor and strength of the e liquid flavor is customizable. However, the nicotine strength choice is restricted to 16 mg and 24 mg. The kit also contains one disposable electronic cigarette along with an AC adaptor. The kit has so much to offer which makes it worth the money.
  3. I Line: I Line is an E Pipe that has a fine aluminum finish and stylish design. The I Line product by premium comes for a price of $120, the power of the device can be modified from 3.3v to 4.8 volts with help of a button. There are LED indicators that indicate the level of charging of the battery, the indicators specifically indicate if the battery level is equal to or below 15%. The I Line kit comes with a spare clearomizer, a wall charger and a micro USB charger. Although this is a high performance product and is meant for cult lovers of e pipes but the price is a tad bit higher than what would have been appropriate for a product with such features.

There are two more options for e cig lovers, who are looking for different e cig starter kits to vape. Disposable e cigarette and e cigars are two other products offered by premium e cigarette, however, there are many other products like tanks/mods from third party vendors that premium sells through its websites but the products that are premium e cigarette’s own are as follows:

Premium Disposable Kit

Premium Disposable Kit

Premium One Disposable E Cigarette
One disposable e cigarette from premium is equivalent to 500 puffs i.e. two packs of tobacco cigarette. the disposable is a cheap alternative to the starter kits and is the perfect option for new vapers and people who do not like to assemble, charge or refill there cigarettes and would rather go for a prefilled, pre charged and hassle free e cigarette. The disposable e cigarette is available in seven different flavors but in limited levels of nicotine strength. Each disposable will cost you around $8.00.

Rechargeable E Cigar Kit

With the rechargeable e cigar kit, you will get one cigar battery, which will give you many uninterrupted hours of vaping, 2-cigar cartomizer in Red Label or Black Label flavor, one charger and a user manual.  One refill of the cartomizer will last for 1800-2000 puffs of high vapor density and flavor. The cost of the rechargeable e cigar kit is $ 49.95.

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19 different flavors with 4 different nicotine levels including ZERO nicotine!
Cartridge Flavors to Choose from: Premium Tobacco (LATEST!), Tobacco, Menthol, Clove, Vanilla, Cherry, Peach, Pineapple, Blueberry, Watermelon, Strawberry, Coffee, Chocolate, Red Energy, Apple, Pear, Cola, Caramel, and Irish Cream.
Check back for more updates as they tend to release new flavors with great regularity!
Variety packs are available as well if you can’t decide which one to choose!
Nicotine Levels range from 24mg, 16mg, 11mg, 6mg and 0mg.
Bulk discount applies on orders of 5 or more.

Color Batteries $12.00 (12 Color Options Including Manual Switch)
Custom Design Batteries Range: $24.95 to $19.95 (22 Custom Designs in Multiple Colors)

Ecigarette Battery Cleaning Kit: $6.95

E Cigarette Stand $14.95
E Cigarette Pack $30.00 (Holds and Charges 1 Extra Battery + 4 Cartridges)
On-The-Go USB Charging Carrying Case $24.95 (With Built-in Battery Charger)
Premium Case $14.99
Pocket Case $14.99

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee on ALL PRODUCTS from Premium
90 Day Warranty on all Premium Products
FREE Shipping in the United States

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