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With the number of available electronic cigarettes out in the market, wouldn’t you like to be assured that your e-cigarette passes the strictest standards of quality control and safety? Enter Safe Cig Electronic Cigarettes, the only brand that can say it has invested heavily in the testing of its products in order to be able to deliver consistently safe, high quality products.Engineered and designed in California, Safe Cigs introduced e-cigarette technology to the United States and it has been near the top of the industry since 2006.

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We would like to notify fellow vapers and interested parties that Safe Cigs has ceased operations. For those that are looking for the best vaping experience we would highly recommend V2 Cigs. This is the top rated electronic cigarette on the market.

If you’re expecting fancy dessert flavors from these e cigs, forget it. Safe Cigs are perfect for smoking purists who want to update their lifestyle and the only available flavors for the original brand are Classic Tobacco, Traditional and Menthol. These are meant to be close as possible to conventional cigarettes like Marlboro, Camel, Parliament, and Virginia Slims in terms of taste. Each cartridge equates to approximately 2 packs of cigarettes, making them one of the longest-lasting e-cigarettes on the market.

The most basic pack available from the Safe Cig brand is their Starter Kit which is one of the most economical e-cigarette purchases on the market at $69.95. The pack is a good starting point for first-time e-cig users or for those who want to try out vapor smoking without the commitment. Other sets include its highest priced Starter Kit Deluxe which houses every possible accessory an e-smoker could ever need. It has 3 batteries, an additional car charger, 10 cartridges and a Safe case that can actually fit an entire group of Safe Cigs e-cigs. This is the ultimate in portability and convenience.

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And as of mid-2011, Safe Cigs became even more portable with the advent of its Micro Line. It’s small, compact, and even less expensive than the original at $59.95. The Micro Line is probably the smallest e-cigarette in the world. The length of the battery is just 5.5 cm and it is 1/8 cm in diameter. Its battery lasts up to 2 hours and automatically goes to standby mode when not used. The Micro Line offers traditional tobacco cartridges as well as 10 international flavor blends that range from other tobacco favorites to complex blends with spicy hints of herbs and fruits. A Micro Line pack houses 2 batteries, 7 atomized cartridges, and a combination charger. This revolutionary e cig pack definitely heralds in a new era of e-cigarettes, putting Safe Cigs back on top of the electronic cigarette league once again.

There’s a reason why the pioneer e cig provider in the US has stayed solid in the e-cigarettes field while different brands come and go like puffs of smoke. Safe Cigs has become a household name and their claim to fame is how they turned the manufacture of e-cigarettes into a science, taking out the guesswork by conducting researches to come up with the perfect mix. In fact, Safe Cigs believe in the products enough to offer a lifetime warranty on all the components (aside from the disposable cartridges, of course), and a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. So if you’re after a solid product that gives bang for its buck, why not listen to thousands of satisfied customers and numerous positive Safe Cigs reviews and give it a go yourself?

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Safe Cigs Original Starter Kits
Safe Cigs Original Starter Kits  battery   Chargers                 Cartridges    Cost
Starter kit   One  USB,Wall  Five cartridges $69.95
Starter kit pro     Two  USB,Wall  Five cartridges  $89.95
starter kit deluxe  Three USB,Wall 2 packs -Each Five Cartridges  $137.95


Original Set comes in Classic Tobacco, Traditional & Menthol
6 Nicotine strengths available: Full Flavored 24mg, High 18mg, Medium 14mg, Light 11mg, Ultra-Light 6mg and Nicotine-Free 0mg

Micro Packs
Comes with 2 batteries, 7 refills, and one combination charger – $59.95

Smallest e-cigarette in the world, as the battery is only 5.5 cm long and 1/8 cm thick.
Micro set comes in 13 flavors: Traditional, Classic, Menthol, Trinidad, Mandalay, Colombian, Brazilian, Madagascar, Madrid, Moroccan, Royal, Saharan and Turkish

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Lifetime Warranty for all components except the disposable atomizer
FREE Shipping on orders in the United States

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