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Smoketip Electronic Cigarettes are advertised as one of the most advanced electronic cigarettes in the market at the moment. With such lofty claims, I was curious as to what proprietary technology was behind it. A quick visit to their site tells visitors that the average smoker takes about 250 puffs per cartridge which is the equivalent of 1.25 packs of traditional cigarettes. As a result, smokers can save a huge sum of money just by switching from tobacco cigarettes to the Smoketip Electronic Cigarette due to the value for money it provides.

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Smoketip offers a unique Eazy-Drag system based on the technology of other leading e-cigarette manufacturers with their 2-piece design. As well as the more advanced Eazy-Drag system, Smoketip deservespraise for the well-built atomizer that allows better air flow resulting in a smooth, effortless puff which every e-cigarette user craves.

Smoketip also has a number of accessories such as a longer battery which easily doubles the storage capacity. Finally, the brand is praised by customers on the move as it is comfortable to use when traveling and is the perfect gift for heavier smokers who can maximize its usage.

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Smoke Tip Starter Kit

The smoke tip starter kit comes for $59, it has five e cig cartridges, 2 lithium batteries, a manual along with one USB charger and one Wall adaptor. this kit is much like any other regular e cig starter kit. The product quality is good but it doesn’t agree with the price of the kit, moreover there are no accessories that come with this kit which could enhance the vaping experience. With an accessory or two and with better capacity battery, this kit could have fared better in the review, although i would still recommend it taking into heed its the quality and vapor production.

SmokeTank Kit

The tank kit comes with two batteries, a transition piece, nine cartridges, two atomizers, 1 wall adapter and 1 USB charger. The kit is priced at $79, which might make it look like an overpriced commodity. However, there are quite a few things about the SmokeTip Tank, which can impress an e smoker.

  1. The Spring Tip: the spring tip of the tank is made of steel and can be used to dump in a good amount of e liquid in the atomizer. This feature will allow e smokers to get a dense flavorful vapor.
  2. Build of the Tank: The tank is made of Pyrex glass and high quality steel, the finish is good and so is the quality.
  3. Flavor mix:  You can mix in different e liquid flavors in the tank and create your own combination.
  4. Airflow chamber: The airflow chamber in the tank is almost double the size of the other units. Smoketip has clearly worked on the fact that maximum vapor production can be achieved by experimenting with different size and type of airflow chamber. The size of the airflow chamber alone will ensure that you get a good amount of vapor every time you puff in on the e cigarette. There is also an airflow control button at the bottom which will allow you to change the volume of vapor.
  5. Dual coil atomizer: The tank has a dual coil atomizer, which means that two coils will be immersed in the e juice, and hence they will transfer heat faster to a large amount. The dual core atomizer has its cons too because it will deplete the battery faster, the battery that the Smoketip tank has is 650mah which may not be enough to give your sufficient hours of vaping as you would expect from a vaporizer. However, the dual core atomizer will ensure that you will get thick vapor every time as it will give you higher vapor density, flavor strength and throat hit than the single coil atomizer.


·     Smoke Tip offers 28 different flavors with 4 different nicotine levels including ZERO nicotine!

·     Smoke Tip Cartridge Flavors: Regular, Cowboy (Similar to Marlboro), Menthol, Almond, Apple, Cherry, Chocolate, Clove, Coffee, Grape, Peach, Strawberry and Vanilla

·     Smoke Tip Cartridges come in a corresponding color!

·     Variety packs are available featuring 10 of the most popular flavors.

·     Nicotine Levels – 16mg, 12mg, 6mg and 0mg

·     Bulk discounts apply on orders of 3 or more!


·     Standard Battery – $18.95

·     Double Capacity Battery – $24.95


·     Smoketip Lanyard – $8.95 (Specifically designed to keep your e-cigarette on hand at all times)

·     Carrying Case – $14.50

·     Travel Charging Case – $18.95

·     USB Pass-through – $19.95 (Vape without a battery)

·     USB Charger – $14.95

·     Wall Adapter – $12.95

·     USB + Wall Charger Kit – $25.95

·     Car Charger – $18.95


·     30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

·     100% LIFETIME Warranty on all Smoketip Products

·     Fast & Free Shipping on all Smoketip Products

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