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South Beach Smoke is one of the top brands in the e-cigarette industry with a trusted name, quality product and excellent customer service. They took the e-cigarette industry by storm when the company launched in July 2010 with starter kits that were half the price of the other top brands and quality worthy of competing with any of them. Despite their low price, South Beach Smoke still has one of the best products around, with a long battery life, quality cartridges, excellent accessories, and a wide selection of options to please any customer. 

South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette

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 South Beach Smoke

 Electronic cigarettes from South Beach Smoke are typically purchased in starter kits which contain batteries, cartridges and accessories such as a convenient wall charger and the readily accessible USB charger for charging e-cigs from your computer. South Beach Smoke has one central e-cigarette model: The Deluxe, which is a two-piece electronic cigarette. It is around these batteries and products that the starter kits are built around.

The Deluxe Starter Kit is an industry leading e-cigarette model with state-of-the-art technology, extra-long battery life and offers a truly amazing e-cigarette smoking experience. These kits go for the extremely affordable starting price of $59.99. Compare that to competing brands with their $100 starting price tag and you can see why South Beach Smoke is so successful, and wildly popular among new users and experienced pros.

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  Additional Information

 The Deluxe Starter Kits go up in price based on accessories and the amount of products in them. For those who want the lowest price, without losing out on quality, South Beach Smoke also offers Reusable Express Kits. These contain a Standard battery, a USB charger, and a cartridge in either Classic Tobacco or Menthol flavor. This is definitely the most affordable starter kit you can get, with great value and the same South Beach Smoke products you will find in the larger kits.

  The South Beach Smoke Difference

 South Beach Smoke is a great company, not just because of their low prices, high quality products and great customer service, but also because they make everything risk-free. After you purchase the product, you receive a 30-day money back guarantee. When you become a South Beach Smoke member, you get a lifetime warranty on all products. They are very active on their Facebook fan page and other social media outlets, and they’re constantly giving away products and holding fun contests on Facebook and   by e-mail. Being a South Beach Smoke customer is a fun and worthwhile endeavor. 

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