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The White Cloud Electronic Cigarette brand is the most consistent of all the e-cigarettes that I have ever tested and also offers value for money despite the steep price. White Cloud electronic cigarettes not only offer an amazing taste, they are in fact the longest lasting e-cigs on the market.

White Cloud Electronic Cigarette

White Cloud Electronic Cigarette
I recently ordered the latest Cirrus 3 model which is the third model in their electronic cigarette line. It is the smallest and lightest Cirrus to date. When I received the product, I was delighted to find that it came in high quality packaging that resembled an Apple product.

White Cloud cartridges take pride in utilizing their SmoothDraw proprietary technology to ensure that each puff of their electronic cigarette gives a flavorful, consistent and longer lasting smoke. These self-contained nicotine vaporizers combine the cartridge with the vaporizer so you don’t have to worry about creating a mess whilst still getting a smooth draw with every drag. It is also important to note the stringent testing of White Cloud. They use a 9-step manufacturing process combined with 3 quality checks on the cartridge production line before giving their products the go-ahead for shipping.

In terms of basic operating functions, White Cloud batteries lasts 3-5 times longer than their competition and holds the fastest time for charging of all the available electronic cigarette products currently on the market. The Cirrus 3 starter kit that I ordered offers 600 puffs when fully charged.

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A downside to White Cloud electronic cigarettes is that they are a bit expensive. However, if you are able to search online for White Cloud coupon codes, you can avail of discounts on online stores carrying the White Cloud product range. All you have to do is place the code on the shopping cart of the online store and you will receive money off your purchase. The White Cloud brand is an industry leader in terms of consistency and is a high quality product that you can always rely on.

White Cloud Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

White cloud offers five starter kits, there is the newly introduced Omni starter kit and the other popular kits like Cirrus 2, Cirrus 2 Plus, Cirrus 3 and Cirrus 3X.

Cirrus 2 is for beginners who use the e cigarette occasionally. The kit has two cirrus 2 classic batteries in different selections, 1 pack of clear draw cartridges, 1 USB charger and 6-month warranty. One can upgrade the kit by adding an extra battery or charging options or carry case of by getting an extended 2-year warranty. If you want to upgrade the kit, you will have to pay extra for whatever addition you want to make. The customer can customize the flavor and nicotine strength of the cartridge and the type of the battery available with the kit. Price of the cirrus 2 kit without any upgrade is $39.95 while with all the upgrades in place; the price can go up to $87.75.

Cirrus 2 Plus is exactly like the cirrus 2 kit except for a few additions, of course. The cirrus 2 plus kit has two batteries, one squid charger and one AC adapter, one pack of clear draw cartridges and 6-month warranty. Much like the cirrus 2 kit, you can get 2 year paid extended warranty, an extra battery and a carry case by paying the extra money that the respective item costs. The base price is $49.95 but with all the upgrades in place, the price can go up to $84.80.

Cirrus 3 kits have three batteries, 5 clear draw cartridges, one squid charger, one AC adapter and a standard six-month warranty. If you want to upgrade this kit, you can add the paid 2-year extended warranty by paying $19.95 for it. The base price is $69.95. You can customize the kit in terms of e liquid flavor, nicotine strength, battery type and charger type.

Cirrus 3X kit has everything that the Cirrus 2 kit has, the only difference is that Cirrus 3X has a ChargeBolt USB charger instead of a squid charger and this kit comes with both an AC and DC adapter. In addition, this kit comes with a free 2-year extended warranty. You can customize battery type, charger type, e cig cartridge flavor and nicotine strength. Price of the kit is $74.95.

White cloud Omni kit

White Cloud Omni kit is a highly customizable kit that offers various customization an up gradation offers to its customers. In the basic Omni kit you will get two batteries, the choice of battery is yours, you can choose between the cirrus 2, cirrus 3 and cirrus 3X, a pack of 5 clear draw cartridges, the buyer can choose between a number of available choices in flavor and strength for the same plus you get One charge bolt USB charger. As far as up gradation goes, you can add one more battery to the kit by paying $10, $15 or $20 for cirrus 2, cirrus 3 and cirrus 3X battery respectively. You can upgrade the charger and get a squid charger instead of the Charge Bolt USB charger. With the kit, you get a free 2-year extended warranty and an AC Adapter upgrade is available.

Price: For the basic kit without any upgrade, you will have to pay $39.95 but if you upgrade the kit, the price can go up to $124.95.

White cloud e liquid

White cloud offers 26 e liquid flavors. Initially white cloud offered 19 e liquid flavors but they introduced a couple of new flavors for the buyers this year. The flavors range includes regular tobacco/menthol flavors, fruit flavors, exotic flavors, dessert flavors as well as some cocktail flavors. The collection of e liquid flavors is very impressive. The e liquids are available in different levels of nicotine strength.

SmoothDraw Cartridges

White Cloud offers 19 different flavors in its cartridges with 6 different nicotine levels including a ZERO nicotine level.

Cartridge Flavors

Regular Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Espresso, Chocolate, Clove, Strawberry and Kick
Nicotine Levels (XX) Double Extra, (X) Extra, (F) Full, (L) Light, (UL) Ultra-Light and (NF) Nicotine Free (For more information, please refer to their website)
Cartridge contains enough liquid to provide up to 400 puffs.
5 Pack of Cartridges = 1 Carton of Regular Cigarettes
Get 1 FREE pack for every order of any 5 packs.

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Cirrus II Rechargeable Batteries $09.95
Cirrus III Rechargeable Batteries $14.95
Note: Cirrus II Batteries produce about 280 puffs each or about 6-8 hours of usage.


Cirrus 3 Rechargeable Clamshell Case $8.95 (Fits all 3 batteries.)
Universal Clam Shell Case $07.95
Single E-Cigarette Carrying Case $1.95
Express USB Charger $14.95
AC Adapter Combo $24.95
Car Adapter Combo $24.95
White Cloud T-Shirt $16.95
Assured Smoke (2 Years Warranty) $29.95


FREE Shipping on orders $50 and above
6 Months Warranty on Batteries and Charges

For more information about White Cloud Electronic Cigarette products or if you wish to purchase one, please click here. (Use Coupon Code WCKIT15 & Get 15% Discount On Starter Kits.)

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